BN5 - Reusable tools

I drink a lot of water and coffee. Worried about disposable plastic, I switched to a stainless steel water bottle years ago.  I’ve had to cut my coffee consumption down for health reasons but I reckon I still get through nearly two hundred non-recyclable paper cups a year when I’m either working or travelling. I wanted a sustainable alternative but was struggling to find the right one. I’d looked at bamboo cups but I tend to drink espresso and it would look lost in a huge mug, and would rapidly cool leading to a miserable and bitter coffee experience. There are plastic travel espresso cups, but that felt like the wrong direction if I was trying to find a sustainable solution.  Luckily, my wife sourced this cute little Dexam black enamel cup for me. 


I used it for the first time today. Functionally, it is perfect; the coffee tastes great and remains hot. As an aside, I used it in two different coffee shops today and both of the baristas were gushing in their praise of the design and functionality of the cup.  

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