BN1 - Start here

If you can smell burning it's because I have burnt my old blog to the ground and started again. It’s the fourth time I have done this in the last decade. After a previous "year zero" event a good friend has challenged me that this approach is reckless and it “breaks the internet”. I'm sure the internet will survive without my old posts, and they are probably archived somewhere, the equivalent of an unloved jumper shoved at the back of the wardrobe, unwanted and forgotten.

I want to be future focussed, rather than worrying about what I said in the past. I have dusted off the blog for a variety of reasons:

  1. I'm mostly done with social media. I still use it, but it makes me feel dirty. I’ve had direct experience of the negative impact of SM on people I care about it, and I'm under no illusions - these companies are not on our side. It used to be fun, but I don’t want to be the "product" any more, and I don't want people I love to hurt in the pursuit of more advertising and more "engagement"

  2. I don’t own my content when I post on other people’s platforms. Although I use Squarespace to host this blog, I know that I can take the content wherever I want, at any time. It’s mine (and I can also burn it to the ground if I want to)

  3. I like the idea of having my own curated space on the internet. You don’t have to be interested in this stuff, but I am. You really don't have to be here, if you don't want to be ....

  4. I like the idea of having a digital scrapbook to share things with people

BN2 - Skylarks