Camp NaNoWriMo Day 4

I felt a little bit frustrated about not making the time to write yesterday, but have slipped back into the grove very easily today. There has been no procrastination which has felt like a liberation for me. I think this is down to couple of things:

  • Lack of performance anxiety - the goal this month is to put 50000 words on paper. I don't have to worry about it being of great literary merit
  • Exploration - Because the primary motivation is words on paper I feel much freer to experiment on the page. I am writing scenes, and trying to push the novel forward, but I'm also play with points of view, exposition, description of place and characters. They may not all make it into the post Camp NaNoWriMo draft, but it does feel I'm mapping the texture and boundaries of the story. 
  • Play - it feels like I am having fun when I write which gives me a positive endorphin hit and encourages me to do more
  • Competition - @Eva_Bec and I are racing to see who can finish first. I'm a competitive individual, so this gives me an extra boost. Previously, when I have completed a NaNoWriMo this has played a significant part in my success. 

All this has resulted in the following progress:

Progress: 5009 / 50000 words