Novel #14 - Patience

After ignoring the manuscript, and an epic eighteen month bout of procrastination, I have spent the last couple of days slowly reviewing the structure of the novel.  I am desperately resisting the urge to tinker and fiddle with the existing content, which I now understand is a more subtle form of procrastination for me. I get buried in the detail, rather than pushing the story forward. 

I think I now understand why I kept doing that.  The passing of time has made me realise that some key elements were missing in the story and I was writing myself into dead ends, which I find frustrating and erodes my morale. 

Now, something has clicked in my head, and the overall story is starting to become clearer. This has taken me back to the synopsis, and major scene structure, rather than worrying about the detail. 

If I can get the barebones of the story clear, the rest should follow.  I don't underestimate how much work is required to finish the novel, but if I have a better map I think their is a better chance that I will finish the journey.