Novel #7 - Arvon Day 2

Building on yesterdays post, I have spent the day focussing on the overall structure of the novel. I had a synopsis, but it was not fit for purpose, so I am starting again.  

I  also made the decision to step away from the computer and focus on pen and paper today, to see if it makes it easier. I suspect because my handwriting speed is slower than typing it will cause me to focus more. 

Lessons that I have learned today:

  • I work better with zero access to the internet - I need to work on my propensity to allow my self to be distracted. The lack of distractions really does bring a different quality to the way I think. It feels slower and more considered, and I like that
  • Building on the above point, I know really understand that If I want to finish this novel I am going to have to learn to say 'no' to more things in my life
  • Fellow writers are incredibly generous at sharing their experience and dispensing wise and helpful advice - it's something I hope I can reciprocate in the future
  • Sitting in a writing shed makes me happy, really happy